Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • QFCU supports Fenix 320 on MSFS2020?
  • Yes

  • What is the delivery time of your products?
  • After we receive the money, normally it takes 7 days to handcraft, then 10~40 day shipping time. we use FedEx and DHL

  • How to buy?

  • Am I the first one buy internationally?
  • Of course not, see our customers testimonials

  • How many countries have you sold?
  • It is a kind of business secret. but here is a map kind to tell you

  • Does it support Microsoft Flight Simulator?
  • yes, for MSFS2020 supporting, please monitor

  • Does it require extra software to work?
  • No Device Driver is required for Windows/Linux/Mac

    we do have Qmdev plug-in on X-Plane 11/12, but it is not mandatory. The plug-in provides backlight sync and rotatary switch acceleration

  • Does it support Mac?
  • yes, our software Qmdev plugin supports Windows/Mac/Linux

  • How can I add my aircraft for Qmdev on X-Plane 11/12?
  • Qmdev plugin has .lua files, lua is a fairly simple programming language

  • Who is QuickMade?

  • I am a software developer, can I control quickmade devices?
  • yes, of course, quickmade devices are open interface designed, please contact quickmade directly, he has API documents

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