Cowan Simulation 500E v1.20版本升级

Cowan Simulation 500E v1.10版本时候我买入的,首先500E这架直升机我是很喜欢的。但是Cowan的1.10并没有惊艳到我。好吧!既然已经买了就当吃药吧。


khamsin studio的作品没让我失望

今年黑五买到的非常精致的法国高原直升机LAMA SA 315B。直升机驾驶舱就是个玻璃气泡,非常适合VR飞行

khamsin studio的作品,整个直升机传动机构都建模的非常细腻。外视角还有驾驶员。



Qmdev installer

Qmdev is known as X-Plane 11 plugin for Quickmade designed flight simulator hardware

you can free download it from

an installer executable is included. it will automatically detect your X-Plane 11 installaton root folder.

But if you have multiple copies of X-Plane 11, in the following steps you will decide which folder you want to choose

Quickmade products information

Notice that you need to have FlyWithLua installed

FlyWithLua can be free download from

Then click Next

License Agreement, click I Agree

this the step you choose correct X-Plane 11 root folder

installaton takes few seconds

OK now is done

Linux Kernel joystick max button number limitation is 80

Today latest Linux kernel stable version is 5.7.8.

we found Linux kernel has max joystick buttons up to 80, no more

We are selling USB joystick device QMCP737C for flight simulator, which is nothing but common USB HID joystick. it has physical 104 buttons

Product link

it works good on Windows, Mac, but not on Linux. 
Linux kernel exposes /dev/input/js0 max to 80 button, but we have 104 buttons.

I did a lots of google search, but nothing I got. then I have to look at Kernel source, to find out where this number max 80 comes from

Eventually I found the final limitation

#define BTN_JOYSTICK 0x120

#define BTN_DEAD 0x12f

#define BTN_TRIGGER_HAPPY 0x2c0

#define KEY_MAX 0x2ff


according to function hidinput_configure_usage() in file drivers/hid/hid-input.c

the joystick button mapping is not a continues space, general speak the mapping space is from


and finally I got the max limitation is 80.

my question is why KEY_MAX is 0x2ff?  
this number 0x2ff looks like not align with char? integer? the answer is no

so may I ask to expand KEY_MAX to such as 0x4ff?

I did a quick test on Ubuntu, all 104 buttons are showing up

then a patch is submitted to kernel driver input group

Ubuntu运行X-Plane 11.50b3 vulkan图形加速


Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description: Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS
Release: 18.04
Codename: bionic

我们看一下X-Plane 11.50b3 vulkan


Ubuntu Linux的帧数真不比windows 10差