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Quickmade devices conflict with Dell PC

quickmade Jul 27, 2022

QmdevSimConnect is the software for MSFS2020, which is designed for  Quickmade devices on Windows.

But recently we found, Dell PC customer has preinstalled Intel device driver "HID PCI Minidriver for ISS". This device driver conflicts with Quickmade flight simulation device.

Till now, we don't know the details of how "HID PC Minidriver for ISS" affects Quickmade devices.

Dell website this driver has a different name "Intel Integrated Sensor Solution Driver"

Intel Integrated Sensor Solution Driver | Driver Details | Dell Israel

The workaround is to disable or remove this driver

关于Intel ISH的研究

Intel ISH - 掘金
我决定研究一下Intel ISH到底是个什么东西。 Intel Sensor Hub (ISH) 看名字就是和传感器有关。 ISH到底在那里 从windows设备管理器可以看见他们是在Sensors栏