Photo by L.Filipe C.Sousa / Unsplash

How to get my pitch angle while the aircraft touches the ground

XTouchDownRecorder Jul 7, 2022

I am considering whether I would migrate XTouchDownRecorder to MSFS2020. After I study and watch MSFS2020 flight dynamic when the aircraft touch down. my conclusion is it is meanless to dig too deep into MSFS2020 landing data.

it is much more helpful to use X-Plane 11/12 to monitor aircraft landing data.

I made a U-turn take-off and landing, below is my flight track

here is the butter landing on the dirt runway of Quatam River.

my pitch angle is 7.33 degrees.

The X-Plane 11 playback screenshot did show a high Angle of attack.

in case you are interesting my background payware scenary