XPlane2Blender 3.3.10

XPlane2Blender 3.3.10 is released! download link

for Blender Windows Version, Blender Addon installation patch as below


after copy XPlane2Blender to addon folder, you have to enable the addon firstly, in Blender User Preference


remember to save your settings, and restart Blender
Some tips for you when you play with XPlane2Blender



after you scaled objects with key ‘S’, you scales parameters will be changed, which is other than 1.0

you should use ‘Ctrl+A’ to reset your scale parameter to 1.0, because XPlane2Blender only works fine with scale=1.0

I recommend you to use metric


Blender 3D view, a grid is 1 meter, and Xplane OBJ8 distance is in meter as well. it is easier for you to measure the object or distance.

but one thing I found is Blender 1 meter is not perfectly equal to XPlane 10 OBJ meter. I will investigate it further
Bake Animation

please always bake animation, which makes easier to delete bones dependency


Insert Keyframes

use Animation to create location and rotation animation